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United Kingdom

Illumr helps organizations to better understand and predict patterns of behavior that affect them.



Infraspeak is more than a maintenance management software. It is a technical operations platform that completely adapts to you and your company's needs.



Promptly is a community of patients who actively share their clinical outcomes about their diseases and treatments.

Launched in 2018, Promptly is defined by this anxiety of fundamentally changing how health is perceived by patients and how healthcare is structured and delivered by providers.

We are patients, doctors, nurses, eHealth experts, and everyone who wants to join our mission of revolutionizing healthcare by making health outcomes available to everyone.



TalkBank is a virtual bank with artificial intelligence. All financial management is accomplished through bots on popular instant messengers.


United Kingdom

Voltaware was formed from a group of professionals from diverse industries who realised that there is currently a huge lack of transparency in household energy bills. They came together to solve this problem and developed the Voltaware energy monitor to give consumers the information they need to get the best energy offerings on the market as well as becoming more energy efficient without compromising lifestyle.

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